DC DMV issues REAL ID compliant credentials and the process to obtain a REAL ID driver license

A brochure about REAL ID

More information about REAL ID

If you are 70 years or older you must:


Renew your driver license in person at a DC DMV Service Center. A list of DC DMV service centers is available at the link below:

You may also be eligible to renew your driver license online. Online Driver License Renewals require a Mature Driver Fitness to Drive Certification form to be completed by a licensed medical practitioner.


Bring the required documentation to the Service Center. DC DMV is now issuing REAL ID compliant credentials, and you must provide one proof of identity, one proof of Social Security Number, and two proofs of DC residency. The documents DC DMV will accept are available at the links below:


Have your physician complete the certification on the driver license application, which is available at the link below.  If necessary, DC DMV may issue you a 45-day temporary license to give you time to get your physician’s certification on the driver license application.



In lieu of passing the DMV vision test, Seniors may submit a completed eye report.

Proof of Identity when you stop driving

If you believe you are no longer able to safely operate a vehicle, you should elect to discontinue driving. We encourage you to exchange your driver license for an identification card (ID) and for seniors 65 years and older, identification cards are free of charge.  The same documents referenced above in STEP 2, will be required to obtain a REAL ID Identification Card.